About Us


Krista Kearney FLorwick, CD, PPD

Meredith College Graduate, AmeriCorps Alum, NC Native, Mother, Wife, Daughter, Friend, DOULA.

Raleigh Doula began as a question-how can I take part in empowering women as mothers? After my daughter was born via cesarean in 2009, I realized how little I knew about childbirth and the postpartum period, despite reading all the books and gorging on website after website during my pregnancy, trying to absorb every morsel of information available. Not knowing 'doula' was even a word, much less a career choice, I decided, as friends and family members were becoming pregnant and birthing babies, I would do my best to be present, offer support without unsolicited advice and help in ways that actually help! My support was so well received, I soon began my journey towards closing out a career in non-profit administration and beginning a new endeavor into the birth world.

Raleigh Doula was born in August 2014 and in February 2015, following DONA training, was officially launched as an outstanding choice in the Triangle Area for birth and postpartum support services. My mom, Sherrie Deans, joined the team in March 2015, as a valuable addition to our Postpartum support team. 

I hold dear the opportunity to support new parents: before, during, and after birth!


Sherrie Deans, PPD

Special Needs Teacher, Caregiver, NC Native, Mother, Daughter, Friend, DOULA.

When my children were born, women were left to learn about childbirth and newborn care from their own mothers, family members and a short list of recommended reading available at the time. Supporting a women in her postpartum care often consisted of family members dropping by to hold the baby-and perhaps expecting a meal while visiting! New mothers managed, but I couldn't help wondering if there was a better way-a return to the 'village' of support surrounding new mothers so prevalent in other cultures and times. When my daughter had her own child, I focused on being present for her, during and after birth. Not just dropping in to hold my new granddaughter (although there was plenty of that!) but also lots of listening, supporting, easing fears, and doing things that I knew could really help a new mother. 

Krista mentioned she was considering a career in birth work, and while I was content in my long-time career teaching young special needs children, the wheels started turning. I wondered how I too could support and empower women during this precious time of life, particularly after birth. I attended DONA training in early 2015 and felt excited, empowered and ready to proceed! I have a 'special' interest in helping parents who have (or are expecting) a new baby with special needs. I have worked alongside parents of very young children with special needs for many years, and I know the resources available in our area well.

I look forward to working alongside clients as they navigate the world as new parents!