Birth & Labor Doula Services

Initial Consultation

Meet our doulas, learn about our services, fees and packages during a complimentary initial consultation in your home or location of your choice. During this 30 minute meeting, one of our doulas will answer your questions, discuss your desires for labor and birth and help you decide if Raleigh Doula is the right fit for you and your family. You will receive a packet of information to take home. We bring a contract to this meeting so if you are ready to work with us immediately, we are ready as well! This meeting will extend to 1-1.5 hours if you decide to continue with us during the consultation. The extended time will allow us to discuss birth plans and desires, ask/answer questions and get to know each other better. We will also schedule prenatal visits at this time. Partners and other family members are welcome and encouraged to attend this meeting.

Prenatal Visits

Once you have selected Raleigh Doula to support you and your family through labor and birth, we will schedule 2 prenatal visits. These visits can be done in your home or location of your choosing and generally last 1-1.5 hours. We love to accompany our clients to a prenatal visit with their midwife or OB-its a great opportunity for us to meet before the big day! During our prenatal visits, we will go over your birth plan & desires, make changes if necessary, and ask/answer questions. We can help you learn about labor and birth, comfort measures & methods, and your choices in labor & delivery. If you desire, we will also assist in making a postpartum plan to include feeding & sleeping choices, home care, meal plans, and more. Partners and other family members are welcome at prenatal visits.

In additional to assisting with your birth plan, we can also assist with referrals to our extensive network of local practitioners and businesses such as chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists, childbirth education classes, birth pool rentals, and photographers. You will have access to our lending library of a broad selection of books on childbirth, breastfeeding, the new father/partner, and newborn care. If you plan to cloth diaper or use a baby carrier, you are also welcome to take a look our selection of various types of cloth diapers and wraps, slings and carriers.

Labor & Birth

Raleigh Doula is committed to supporting you throughout labor and birth. You and your partner will have access to your doula beginning from the time you sign your contract through labor and birth. Calls, texts and emails will be answered promptly, usually within an hour prior to beginning your on-call period. Your Raleigh Doula will enter an 'on-call' period 2 weeks before your estimated due date, extending until labor begins. You and your partner are welcome to call or text at any time, day or night, during this on-call period and your doula will respond within 15 minutes. Your doula will be available and ready to come to your home, birth center or hospital as soon as you are ready for her to join you. During labor, your doula will support you and your partner in your choices as described in your birth plan or as desired. Your doula will provide emotional and physical support as needed and assist your partner in providing you with emotional and physical support. Raleigh Doula can provide physical comfort measures such as a birthing ball, peanut ball, rebozo, cool/hot compresses, and various massage tools if you desire. Your doula will also assist you in using any other comfort measure tools you would like to use during labor. Your doula will remain with you at all times, as desired, until up to 2 hours after birth. Following birth, we can assist you in establishing breastfeeding, if desired, and getting to know your new baby. Our birth doula services include a postpartum visit, usually scheduled for 1-3 days after birth or your return home. Please see our packages for rates and details.



Raleigh Doula is committed to supporting your desires and choices.

Your birth. Your way!